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  • Favorite chocolate : Dark (sometimes with a twist)
  • Favorite Comic character : Corto Maltese
  • Favorite sauce for fries : Béarnaise
  • Favorite place in Brussels : Any dancefloor with funky vibes

I am a very curious and passionate person, the perfect recipe for a dreamer. Always enthusiastic to learn new things and share them with the people around me. I have discovered two passions that allow me to flourish and keep me busy all the time: brewing and sailing!

I also am passionate about food! Did you know egg’s yolk cooks at 64 °C whereas egg’s white cooks at 62 °C? So in order to make the perfect ramen egg, you should cook it at 63 °C! Thank me later!

Naturally, I came to work at Talencia eager to learn every day and meet a lot of different people.
I’m confident I will thrive in this marvelous team.

Willing to push myself and provide the best service to our partners, I hope to help you soon!

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