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  • Favorite chocolate : Black
  • Favorite Comic character : Idéfix
  • Favorite sauce for fries  : Brazil
  • Favorite place in Brussels : Le parc du Cinquantenaire

Hi, I’m Sarah ! (Also known as Sary)

After living an incredibly fast paced life, I’ve decided to become Talencia’s new Office Manager in May 2022, to support and manage changes.
Although I have an HR background, I passionately dedicated more than 10 years of my life into people management and administration.
Being multicultural, I had the chance to grow up in different cultures and languages which led me to live and work abroad.

I consider myself as somebody loyal, hardworking, and an unconditional junk food lover !
My ultimate objectives would be working on a passionate project while increasing productivity of the team, be a better motivator and let this office become a safe space.

Last but not least, I’ll end this presentation with a quote:
“An unconventional path leads to unconventional success”

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