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10. Cookies Policy (this article is taken from our Privacy policy)

A cookie is a file containing information about the behavior of an internet user. This means it
records preferences, such as the language chosen. From the technical perspective, a cookie is
created by the server of the website visited but recorded on the user’s hard drive.

There are different types of cookies. We use technical and third-party cookies.

10.1 Technical cookies

Via technical cookies, we are able to:
• Personalize our services for every user because your preferences are stored (ex.: choice of a
• Save you from having to make the same choices on each visit.
• Gather information that you provide via online forms.
• Draw up statistics.
• Analyze our website’s usage in order to be able to improve it constantly (Google analytics).

10.2 Third-party cookies

Via third-party cookies, we are able to:
• Promote pages of our website
• Share information on social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).
These cookies placed behind the social networks buttons, are active only when you have clicked on
these buttons.

The cookies are stored on your hard disk for a maximum of 12 months. The cookies we use, do
not allow a person to be identified individually: they do not contain any personal data so they
cannot link you as a person to any name or surname; only the IT system on which the cookie is
stored can be identified via its IP address.
Most internet browsers are automatically configured to accept cookies. However, you can
configure your browser to authorize or block cookies. Should you refuse cookies to be stored,
you would still be able to access and use all pages of our website.

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