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  • Favorite chocolate : Praliné
  • Favorite comic book character : Spirit
  • Favorite sauce for fries : Andalouse
  • Favorite place in Brussels : Brussels Grand Place

I am Mohammed, an active and sociable individual with a unique set of talents and hobbies. Aside from my professional endeavors in the field of IT talent acquisition, I find great joy in expressing myself through music.

I am a good singer and skilled guitarist, proficient not only in the guitar but also in playing the Oud, a traditional Arabic stringed instrument. Music has always been a powerful tool for me to connect with others and create a special bond.

Furthermore, I have a passion for culinary arts and take pride in my ability to create delicious dishes. Sharing my culinary creations with colleagues brings me immense pleasure and strengthens the relationships within the workplace.

“Through the harmony of artistry and recruitment, I bring talent and passion together to create a symphony of success.”

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