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  • Favorite chocolate : Salted Butter Caramel flavoured milk chocolate
  • Comic book character : Monkey D. Luffy
  • Sauce : Mayonnaise with truffle
  • Favorite place in Brussels : Under a Japanese cherry tree in Josaphat Park in summer

Hello you! I’m Romain, I graduated in Advertising and Commercial Communication at IHECS and I’mready for new challenges at Talencia Consulting. I acquired different skills and experiences during my studies and my various jobs that constantly push me to renew myself.

Brusseleir at heart, I describe myself as a lively, energetic person who is always up for a good joke, a game of pétanque or bowling. But I am also ambitious and self-confident in my personal and professional relationships. Creating strong relationships based on trust and empathy are things I consider essential in my work.

Actively searching for the One Piece, I love to travel and to get away from it all. Changing air and landscape allows me to recharge my batteries and to broaden my horizons. I am also passionate about music and guitar but also about Japanese culture and manga.

I am the person you need to find you the job that matches your desires and talents!

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